2 Simple Steps to Buy and Sell Crypto on CoinWallet

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2 Simple Steps to Buy and Sell Crypto on CoinWallet

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We hear you loud and clear! Your requests to buy/sell crypto on CoinWallet have echoed throughout our community, and we've been working tirelessly to turn your aspirations into reality.

It's finally here – we have partnered with LetsExchange, a robust, user-friendly exchange platform that allows everyone to buy and sell crypto without cumbersome registration processes. With their widget, CoinWallet users now have access to a powerful tool that supports over 4,000 cryptocurrencies for direct swaps, including cross-chain transactions. It also offers functionality for 60+ fiat currencies to buy and sell almost 190 crypto coins, along with Decentralized Exchange (DEX) features.

But how do you get started? Whether you're looking to make your first purchase or expand your portfolio, our streamlined process makes it easy. From setting up your account to making that first exciting purchase, we've got you covered. So, let’s dive in and explore how you can begin your journey with CoinWallet.

Step 1: Create Your Account and Private Key

Before anything else, you need to set up your CoinWallet account. Here's how:

Download: Download our MPC-powered CoinWallet here (Android) or here (iOS). Create your wallet password as prompted when you launch the app on your phone.

Create Your Private Key: To ensure the security of your wallet, you have a choice between creating a standard private key or a multiparty computation (MPC). This step is crucial as it determines how secure your wallet will be.

Step 2: Start Buying/Selling with LetsExchange Widget

With your account ready and wallet funded, you're all set to explore the diverse world of cryptocurrency, powered by the LetsExchange widget integrated into CoinWallet.

Just hit the “Browser” tab and search for LetsExchange

Voila! You’re ready to start buying/selling.

This integration allows you to effortlessly buy/sell crypto, offering a broader range of opportunities for profitable transactions. Whether you’re interested in popular cryptocurrencies or exploring lesser-known options, LetsExchange provides an extensive selection to meet your purchase needs.

Final Thoughts

Starting your journey on CoinWallet, with the integrated LetsExchange widget, opens up a world of possibilities. This powerful combination simplifies the buy/sell process, giving you access to a vast array of cryptocurrencies and competitive rates. Dive into the dynamic crypto market with these tools at your fingertips and explore the lucrative potential of cryptocurrency. Remember to buy/sell responsibly and stay informed for the best experience!

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