Monthly Crypto Roundup by CoinsDo: June 2024

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Monthly Crypto Roundup by CoinsDo: June 2024

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Welcome to CoinsDo’s Monthly Crypto Roundup for June 2024. This month has been bustling with activity, from significant market movements to regulatory developments and intriguing technological advancements. In this roundup, we’ll explore the key highlights, market trends, and notable events that shaped the crypto landscape in June.

Crypto Market Trend

Bitcoin (BTC) experienced significant volatility in June 2024, briefly falling below $60,000 for the first time since early May. This drop was driven by growing bearish sentiment among investors, reflecting broader concerns about regulatory crackdowns and macroeconomic uncertainties. Despite the dip, Bitcoin managed to recover slightly, hovering around the $61,000 mark by the end of the month.

Ethereum (ETH) also faced fluctuations but remained relatively stable compared to Bitcoin. The recent approval of spot Ethereum ETFs provided some upward momentum, with ETH prices consolidating around $1,800. Investors remain optimistic about Ethereum's long-term potential, particularly given its pivotal role in decentralized finance (DeFi) and the growing interest in blockchain-based applications.

The recent volatility in Bitcoin and Ethereum prices highlights the ongoing uncertainty in the crypto market. While regulatory concerns and macroeconomic factors continue to influence market sentiment, the approval of Ethereum ETFs suggests a growing institutional interest that could provide more stability and long-term growth potential for both BTC and ETH.

Crypto Hacks and Scams

June 2024 witnessed several high-profile crypto scams and hacks, resulting in significant losses. Among the most significant events were:

Kraken hack: A zero-day vulnerability was exploited, leading to the loss of $3 million

Uwu Lend: On-chain data revealed that a single wallet managed to siphon various tokens worth $19.3 million via an exploit.

These incidents highlight the persistent risks in the crypto space and the need for robust security measures, which is what CoinsDo provides for crypto institutions with our MPC-powered solutions

AI-Related Scams On the Rise

A rising trend in the crypto market is AI-related scams, where fake CEOs are created using AI to deceive investors. These sophisticated scams exploit the general interest in AI to create and popularize fraudulent schemes. The increasing use of AI in scams underscores the need for advanced detection and preventive measures in the crypto community.

Key Events

Blockchain Expo North America

The Blockchain Expo North America took place on June 5-6, 2024, at the Santa Clara Convention Center in California. This event brought together industry leaders, developers, investors, and policymakers to discuss the latest advancements and trends in blockchain technology. Key topics included DeFi complexities, NFT innovations, and regulatory challenges. The Expo provided valuable insights into the future of blockchain, highlighting its potential to transform various industries​.

Finance 2.0 - Crypto Conference in Zurich

On June 25, 2024, the Finance 2.0 - Crypto Assets Conference was held in Zurich, Switzerland. This event focused on the integration of crypto assets into traditional finance, with a significant emphasis on the approval and impact of Bitcoin Spot ETFs. Leading asset managers and financial experts discussed how these ETFs are reshaping the market and driving higher daily trading volumes than traditional gold ETFs. The conference also addressed sustainability and regulatory issues within the crypto space​.

Technological Innovations

Arkham Intelligence and On-Chain Surveillance

Arkham Intelligence has been at the forefront of on-chain surveillance technology, significantly advancing the capabilities of tracking and analyzing blockchain transactions. Their innovative platform, now valued at over $1 billion, has introduced the Arkham (ARKM) token, which plays a crucial role in enhancing transparency and security within the crypto ecosystem.

Learn more about Arkham Intelligence here.

If you want to dive deeper, read this detailed analysis.

We believe that the success of Arkham Intelligence's on-chain surveillance mechanism could be transformative for the entire blockchain industry. By providing robust tools to track and analyze transactions, it improves transparency and security, which are critical for gaining institutional trust and broader adoption. This innovation might drive further advancements in regulatory compliance and anti-fraud measures across different blockchain networks.


June 2024 has been a dynamic month for the cryptocurrency world, marked by significant market movements, regulatory developments, and technological advancements. As we move forward, staying informed and adaptable will be crucial for navigating the ever-evolving crypto landscape. Stay tuned for more updates in next month’s roundup.

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