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Scam Alert: Blockchain Recovery


We want to inform you about a recent phishing attempt targeting our users. Scammers are impersonating CoinsDo and our official wallet, CoinWallet / CoinsDo Wallet, to deceive unsuspecting victims.

Key Points to Note

  1. Impersonation Scam: Fraudsters are sending emails claiming to be from "Coin Wallet" and promising large payouts. These emails instruct recipients to pay a small sum to "recover damaged blocks" on the blockchain.
  2. CoinsDo’s Official Wallet Name: Our official wallet name is CoinWallet in Android, or CoinsDo Wallet in iOS, a decentralized wallet. We cannot control users' assets, and any email referencing “Coin Wallet” in this context is fraudulent and not associated with us.
  3. No Financial Requests: CoinsDo never asks users to send digital assets for verification purposes. All necessary verifications are conducted securely on our platform without requiring financial transactions from users.
  4. Authorized Communications: Only trust communications from Always verify the sender's email address to ensure its legitimacy.
  5. Reporting Suspicious Activity: If you encounter any suspicious requests or suspect a phishing attempt, report it immediately to our support team at Your reports are vital in helping us combat fraud.

Stay vigilant and protect your assets by verifying all communications and reporting any suspicious activities.

Thank you for your attention and cooperation.


The CoinsDo Team