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V1.9.38 System Update

System update

Dear Valued Customers,

Our latest v1.9.38 is scheduled to update the live environment on January 23rd, 2024, at 06.00AM GMT+8. This process shall take 10 mins and does not affect the operations; the system can be accessed as usual.

We genuinely appreciate your support for CoinsDo. Should there be any queries, please reach out to our customer support team.

Thank You and Have a Nice Day,
CoinsDo Team

New features

1. [CoinSend Center] When the transaction fee exceeds the limit and the dispatch record is stuck in a pending state, added an "Override Gas Limit" button. This allows individual transactions to bypass the limit without the need to modify the gas fee limit in the currency management.


2. [Merchant Backend] Sub-account configuration for CoinSend now includes the option to set daily submission and approval limits for sub-accounts.


Feature Enhancements

1.[Merchant Backend] Sub-account operation logs will now be synchronized and displayed in the main account's backend.

2.[CoinGet Client] Fixed a bug related to Dash collection (adapted for packaged transactions).

3.[CoinSend Client] After sending DOT, if the balance is less than 1, the balance will be cleared by network. Therefore, the feature has been adjusted to ensure that the balance cannot be less than 1 after the transaction.

4. [Technical Optimization] Optimized the get receiving address API to fix the issue of concurrent request failures.